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With no explosives, corrosive chemicals, or expensive down-hole motors, TD Tools' cutting process is far superior to other methods. Check out our two efficient cutting methods.




TD Tools, Inc.

Our tools can be used not only for perforating but also for fracturing operations. 

Using our patented SandGun technology, TD Tools can perform dry sand blending, sand jet perforating, and cutting in a whole new, more compact and efficient way. It's the future of perforating.

TD Tools designs and manufactures a line of various downhole tools for perforating, fracturing, and pipe recovery in the Coiled Tubing and Well Service Industries. Our perforating tools use a high pressure sand and water slurry to cut, which means no dangerous explosives are necessary and there is better communication with the rock formation. 

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At TD Tools sand jet perforating is our foundation. We design and manufacture 

perforating tools in many sizes that utilize a high pressure sand and water slurry to cut. This means no dangerous explosives and better communication with the rock formation.