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Mill. Perforate. Mill.

All in 1 Run.

The FIT tool can be run on coiled tubing or jointed pipe allowing the use of a motor and mill, plug setting tool, or other flow actuated device.

Mill. Perforate. Set a Plug.

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Sand Spray.png
TD Tools designs, manufactures, and leases a growing line of sand jet perforating tools, cutting tools, and surface equipment to support your sand jet, gravel pack, and frac injection needs.
Our perforating tools use a high pressure sand and water slurry to cut, which means no dangerous explosives are necessary and there is better communication with the rock formation. 

Our perforating tools use sand slurry to cut perforation tunnels which means no dangerous explosives are necessary and superior reservoir communication is achieved when perforating.


We lease an array of non-explosive sand jet cutting tools that sever production tubing, casing, and liners without dangerous chemicals. These tools can be run on jointed tubing or coiled tubing.

Pumping & Frac

Our high pressure sand injection equipment can dramatically reduce pump maintenance, shrink the equipment footprint on well locations, and reduce costs for pumping sand.

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