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Sand Jet Perforators

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About SJPs
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About Sand Jet Perforating

Sand jet perforating (SJP) is a process that uses high pressure fluid slurry to perforate tubulars and cement within an oil or gas well, and simultaneously extend a cavity into the reservoir. Newer modular SJP tool designs ensure near limitless re-configuration of coiled tubing conveyed plugs, packers, hold-down tools, perforation, and fracturing tools for simultaneous use during completion and work-over operations.​​

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Applications for Sand Jet Perforating include perforation and re-perforation of vertical and horizontal oil and gas wells and perforation and treatment of coal bed methane wells. SJP can also be used in conjunction with other technologies such as fresh water and foam fracturing and for enhanced performance resulting from chemical injection and acidization. Sand Jet Perforating provides an alternative to widely accepted wire-line or tubing conveyed explosive methods used in most fields today. Hundreds of documented successes are available to confirm that SJP increases communication between well bore and reservoir more effectively with less formation damage and is accomplished in fewer round trips in and out of the well bore than more widely used perforating methods. Added benefits are realized as perforating and fracturing can be accomplished nearly simultaneously with a common work string.​

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Sand Jet vs. Explosive Perforating
Sand Jet Perforation
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*Sand jet perforation hole increases in size as it protrudes out and away from the sand jet orifice.

- Extends efficiently into the reservoir by eroding the perforation channel.

- Washes out a tunnel with a larger inner diameter for increased contact with the formation.

- 1 inch to 2 inch diameter tunnel.

- Eliminates compressive stresses on source rock.

- Better reservoir drain area.  

- Use fewer shots per foot than explosive.


Explosive Perforation
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*Explosive perforation tunnel decreases in size as it protrudes into the reservoir.

- Lots of debris from explosion.

- Explosion imposes its will upon the formation causing near well bore damage by compressing surrounding material.

- Extreme danger in handling explosives on the surface. 

- High regulatory compliance costs.


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FIT Tool
Select Jet

Flow Isolation Tube (F.I.T.) Tool

Jobs such as milling and perforating with coiled tubing usually require several trips in and out of the hole with conventional downhole tools. The Flow Isolation Tube (F.I.T.) Tool allows for these tasks to be completed in a single trip. The F.I.T. Tool allows for fluid flow through the tool assembly both before and after sand jet perforating operations. 

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TightWire Perforator

The TightWire tool body combines the power of a sand jet perforator with the simplicity of wireline. This innovate sand jet perforating tool can be lowered into the well on wireline and works with your existing tubing string to deliver sand jet perforating power. Time saving process means no removing the tubing for re-perforation or perforation of new zones.

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Slim Hole Perforator

The Slim Hole Perforating tool has a small outer diameter that allows for perforating through tight restrictions. Sand Jet Perforating (SJP) is an alternative to traditional explosive perforating methods that use high pressure abrasive fluids to perforate the casing and extend a cavity into the reservoir. The tool can be used independently or in conjunction with other tools to provide multiple perforations in a single trip.

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Power Jet Perforator

The patented Power Jet sand jet perforating tool can be dressed to perforate casing sizes from 4-1/2” to 7” using the same tool.  Protective plates protect the tool from damaging wash back and allow the tool to have adjustable OD sizes.  The tools are available in phasing patterns of 60° , 90°, 120°, and 180° and shot density ranging from 8 shots per foot to one shot per foot.  The Power Jet can be used in conjunction with the FIT assembly for toe prep, plug setting, and other jobs to reduce coiled tubing runs.

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Mega Perforator

 The MegaPerf tool is built to handle large casing sizes with ease. This sand jet perforating tool can be outfitted to perforate 7” to 13-3/8” casing sizes.  This larger OD tool has a 2-7/8” EUE connection standard with custom thread types available.  Phasing patterns of 60°, 90°, 120°, and 180° produce high quality perforations even in the largest casing sizes.

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Select Jet Perforator

The "Select Jet" is a sand jet perforating (SJP) tool that can selectively change fluid jets without tripping out of the well. This new feature allows the SJP tool to have extended perforating runs with many sets of holes in one trip. Different jet configurations can also be selected during the treatment process.

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