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About Sand Jet Cutting

TD Tools provides several options for completely severing casing, production tubing, liner hangers, and any other tubulars. The sand slurry provides a smoother cut without deforming pipe which makes fishing easier. No explosives, corrosive chemicals, or expensive down-hole motors are used in the cutting process. The sand jet cutting assemblies can be used multiple times with simple, cost effective redressing procedures and can be run on jointed pipe or coiled tubing.

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Rotating Head Cutting Tool


One option for cutting is the Rotating Head Cutting Tool. This tool works in conjunction with an anchor to cut everything from 2 3/8" tubing to 5 1/2" casing. AS fluid pressure builds in the tubing string, the Rotating Head Cutter begins to spin with the speed of rotation limited. Sand mixed in the fluid provides the ability to cut. This tool is especially effective in cutting one tubing string, like production tubing, without damaging the outer tubing string (casing, for example).

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**5 1/2" casing cut with Rotating Head Cutting Tool. Completely severed.

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Cut with SandSaber. Completely severed 4.5"J55 casing - 35 minute cut time - 70 GPM flow at 4,000 psi - 1" MT Box connection (others available) - 2.125" outer diameter

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SandSaber Cutting System


Another option for cutting is the SandSaber Cutting Tool. The SandSaber uses sand jet perforating in conjunction with an anchor and indexing tool to completely sever tubular members downhole. The perforator cuts a set of holes and is then indexed to a new cutting location until the tubing is completely severed. This product completely severs drill pipe, casing, and other tubular members and is especially effective at cutting multiple strings at the same time. 

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Click Below to See Our Sand Jet Cutters in Action
Featured Case Study - Tubing/Casing Cut
Objective: Utilize a Fixed Jet Slimhole Sand Jet Perforator to cut dual completion tubing strings, then utilize a Mega-Perf Sand Jet Perforator to cut both 7" and 9 5/8" casing. The fixed jet tools were to be rotated using a power swivel to achieve the cuts. 
Tools: 1-11/16" Slimhole Perforator (Fixed Jet)
- Mega-Perf with 2 different effective O.D. Centralizing Rings

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