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             AUGUST 2023  

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Why should I consider Sand Jet Perforating?

 Sand jet perforating can create communication where traditional explosive cannot by continually providing cutting energy to the perforation tool through the flow of high pressure sand slurry. 


The example below shows the penetration of our 1-11/16” sand jet perforating tool energized inside and penetrating 2-⅞” production tubing, 7” casing, annular cement, 11-⅞” casing, cement, and formation rock compared to traditional explosive perforator penetration.


The sand jet tunnel (green) gets larger in diameter with distance from the tool, while the diameter of the explosive perforator decreases with distance from the tool. 


This dramatically increased, undamaged surface area into the formation, combined with lower temperature and pressure compared to explosives, creates enhanced reservoir communication.  On this potential P&A it was not cost effective to get a rig offshore to pull the tubing so that explosive perforating could be deployed. The successful SJP job resulted in renewed production from an inactive well at reasonable cost.

When you are battling near wellbore damage, tight or hard formations, restrictions in tool size, or multiple casing scenarios, sand jet perforating could be the cost-effective solution. We are glad to discuss specific well scenarios and see if SJP makes sense for you.

What's Ahead | October 2023

 Catch us in San Antonio, TX October 16-18 at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) ATCE 2023 Conference & Exhibition where we will present our Gulf of Mexico case study research paper where Sand Jet Perforating proved very successful in an extremely challenging scenario.


Visit the SPE>>ATCE Conference & Exhibition Website Below

Authorized Service Provider Spotlight

Accu-Line Logo Wht_Red w_ Land & Offshore.png

 Accu-Line Well Services provides wireline, slickline, sand jet perforating, and other services to the offshore, inland, and land markets.  Based in Broussard & Houma, Louisiana, Accu-Line has been our authorized service provider since 2018 and was the first service provider to run our tools in the Gulf of Mexico.  Accu-Line’s outstanding customer service sets them apart from their competition and their motto of “We Make It Happen.” is evident throughout their company.  Experience with TD Tools’ product lines is an area of strength for Accu-Line as they have run UltraSlim, Power Jet, FIT Tools, and our MegaPerf just to name a few.  Feel free to reach out to Richard Dearborn, or Jacob Dixon about sand jet perforating and cutting.

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