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             MARCH 2024  

Should I Consider Sand Jetting for Cutting Jobs?

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 Sand Jetting is a great way to cut tubing or casing. The sand jet stream leaves a very smooth, uniform cut without explosives or corrosive chemicals and the cut is easy to catch with fishing tools. From our 1-11/16" rotating jet tools to our MegaPerf tool rotated on jointed pipe, TD Tools has tools to cut everything from 2-3/8" production tubing to 30" surface casing. The tools utilize a simple mixture of sand, water, and gel under pressure to make clean cuts with jointed pipe or coiled tubing. 

Cutting 1A.jpg

Example of a 2-1/8" UltraSlim 3 Sand Jet Tool with Rotating Work String

There are multiple ways to make cuts with the sand jet. Our rotating jet tools are most popular for coiled tubing applications as they do not require any rotation of the work string. The rotating jet tool is available in 1-11/16", 2-1/8", and 2-1/2" sizes to make cuts in tubing from 2-3/8" up to 5-1/2" casing. An anchor is used in the bottom hole assembly to keep the cutter in position. Quantity of sand used for cutting generally varies from 100 pounds for 2-3/8" tubing to 900 pounds for 5-1/2" casing. Coiled Tubing sizes used for the cutting operation include 1.5", 1.75", 2" and 2-3/8".


Coiled Tubing Unit with 2-1/8" Rotating Jet Tool

Using a fixed jet tool (SJP) is another popular way to cut tubing and piping. A power swivel is used to rotate the tubing string and tool to create cuts in single tubing/casing or multiple casing strings. The extremely slow rotation is an ideal situation for of multiple strings, often very large casing sizes for plug and abandonment applications. The MegaPerf tool is the best choice of SJP tool for cutting large casing sizes due to its very long jet life and protective plate size. Casing cut tests have been successfully performed for a multiple casing string of 9-5/8", 13-3/8", 18-5/8", and 30" using only 5,000 pounds of sand and less than 2 hours of pump time.

 MegaPerf Tool Rotated with Power Swivel to Cut Multiple Casing Strings

 Examples of Cut 7" and 9-5/8" Casing with MegaPerf

Contact us with your questions about sand jet cutting or your application and we will be glad to provide a solution to your cutting needs.

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