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             JUNE 2024  

Can I Use Sand Jet Perforating Offshore?

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Over the years, we have been surprised by the number of our customers that work offshore in addition to their land work. Whether that is the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, or other areas, our customers see applications for sand jet perforating (SJP) and cutting. Many of the applications use slimhole tools like our 1-11/16" OD SuperSlim to run through production tubing and perforate the production tubing and casing (or multiple casings) or exit the production tubing and perforate the casing below. These jobs are typically conducted to produce oil or gas from new zones located above the current producing formation.

Other slimhole jobs might include perforating above and below anchors or packers for pressure equalization or through production assemblies to achieve the desired fluid equalization.

Sand Jet Perforating Job on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf with Coiled Tubing

Plug and abandonment operations are also common offshore jobs for our customers. Slimhole perforating can be used inside production tubing to perforate a second production string in dual string completions and also perforate casing. These perforations can be used to communicate with outer casing annuli for pressure testing and to prepare for cement. The elimination of a workover rig to pull the production tubing in these scenarios is a very significant cost savings. Using a rigless intervention with coiled tubing to run the sand jet perforating tools is financially viable in instances where using a workover rig is not cost effective.


MegaPerf tools can also be run offshore for perforating or cutting casing sizes from 7" to 30" using the same sand slurry mixture.

Function Test of 1-11/16" OD SuperSlim Sand Jet Perforator Prior to Job

TD Tools and Accu-Line Well Services are honored to have been selected to present their paper "Case Study of a Rigless Intervention for the Completion of an Offshore Multi-String Producing Well Using Slimhole Sand Jet Perforating" as a part of the Completions and Intervention Technology session on August the 16th in New Orleans.


Information about the symposium can be found here

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