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             FEBRUARY 2024  

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Coiled Tubing or Jointed Pipe, Which is Better?

 Many of our customers are surprised to find out that approximately 50% of our tools are run on coiled tubing and 50% on jointed tubing. Determining which workstring is best for your application depends on a few different variables:

  • Availability- Depending on where your well is, some workstrings are more readily accessible than others.

  • Cost- Do the well conditions dictate a particular type of workstring? If the the perforating location is 22,000 feet deep, then probably. Otherwise it might be a good idea to look at the costs of different options.

  • Flow- Pipe size is a very important consideration for sand jet perforating. Pressure loss due to the fluid friction is the primary limiting factor of the number of jets that can be run in a SJP tool. We use a model to estimate frictional fluid loss and base the number of jets that we run in a tool on the acceptable pump pressure.

Example of a Sand Jet Perforator with Six Jet Locations on 2-3/8" Production Tubing

The chart above estimates frictional fluid loss (pressure drop) for a sand jet perforator with 6 jets using a 2-3/8" production tubing workstring for perforations at a depth of 10,000 feet. There are generally tradeoffs to evaluate for each workstring type. In this scenario, there is very little pressure drop for the estimated 2.68 barrels/minute flow required for this tool, however it will take longer to run in the well and will require a workover rig as opposed to a coiled tubing unit. In some parts of the world, running the sand jet perforator on drill pipe makes sense due to its availability, cost, and low pressure drop. A similar well type offshore might choose to use coiled tubing with fewer jets on the tool and perform the job rigless due to the high cost of workover rigs offshore.


Coiled Tubing Unit In Pennsylvania
Coiled tubing is often used in deeper applications and offshore.

Authorized Service Provider Spotlight


Advanced Lines Group (ALG) is an ISO Certified Oil & Gas Services Company, established in 2013 with a group of talented and efficient team members to provide professional quality services and client satisfaction. The company has seen steady growth through its working relationships with their clients and suppliers not only to provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals.  Currently, ALG is operating in 8 countries with head quarters in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ALG continues to offer impeccable service to the ever-growing Oil & Gas industry.  The core business of ALG offers a wide range of superior Equipment and Products for all Oil & Gas Industry and Manufacturing Sector needs.


ALG has the UltraSlim 3 slimhole sand jet perforator and 2-1/2" OD RBJet tools for descaling, cleaning, and cutting in Saudi Arabia as well as 3" OD Flow Isolation Tube (F.I.T.) Tools with more tools expected soon.

Contact Rami El-Brmawy for more information or visit their website at

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