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Td Tools Sand Jet Perforating
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Pictured above, the Sand Gun is a very compact package that is portable and convenient, but powerful enough to do perforating and cutting jobs.

An example of the kind of pump TD Tools uses in order to create the high pressures needed in the fluid to perforate and cut through piping and rock.

Sand Gun Dry Sand Blending and Pumping Services

TD Tools' Sand Gun is an equipment system expertly designed to perform dry sand blending, sand jet perforating, and cutting operations in a whole new way. The Sand Gun was developed in order to consolidate operations in a perforating job into one convenient "package". The system takes the added abrasive required for sand jet perforating and mixes it with high pressure fluid from a pump in order to create an effective, pressurized slurry stream that is then sent downhole to make perforations or cuts. 

The Sand Gun has a reduced equipment footprint on the well location, and allows for units that are not equipped for abrasive pumping to be used in the sand jet perforating or cutting process. Pumping costs and equipment maintenance reduction via the Sand Gun leads to substantial financial savings as well.