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Td Tools Sand Jet Perforating
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TD Tools Well Intervention

Oil Well

The picture to the left is of a job that was done using the SandSaber, with details as follow:
​ - Completely severed 4.5"J55 casing
- 35 minute cut time
- 70 GPM flow at 4,000 psi - 1" MT Box connection (others available)
- 2.125" outer diameter

SandSaber Cutting

When downhole  cutting is required, TD Tools' SandSaber technology is the approach to take. The SandSaber uses sand jet perforating in conjunction with an anchor and indexing tool to completely sever tubular members down-hole. This product works on drill pipe, casing, and other tubular members. No explosives, corrosive chemicals, or expensive down-hole motors are used in the cutting process. The SandSaber cutting assembly can be used multiple times with simple, cost effective redressing procedures.

Rotating Head Cutting Tool

TD Tools also utilizes another option for cutting of drill pipe, casing, and other tubular members: a rotating head tool. Rather than using an indexing tool in order to cut radially, the rotating head tool spins when under high pressure water, which is certainly the case in the sand jet method TD Tools employs.