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TD Tools serves the oil and gas field across the United States and internationally. We design and manufacture dependable and efficient downhole sand jet perforating and cutting tools for pipe recovery, perforating, and fracturing in the Coiled Tubing and Well Service industries and are bringing innovative new products to the market place.

TD Tools uses state of the art technology to build tools that economically perforate well casing, cement, and oil bearing formations to assist in oil and gas well production. Milestones to date include the design and manufacture of six product lines that provide perforating, casing cutting, as well as blending. These products have been successfully used in the field by customers with excellent success.

TD Tools’ perforators have long field life and a versatile design that reduces customer costs with a high level of performance. Emphasis has been placed on bringing new products to market to create a full complement of sand jet perforating tools.

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