Ultraslim Demonstration

UltraSlim Perforator

The UltraSlim Perforating tool has a small outer diameter that allows for perforating through tight restrictions. Sand Jet Perforating (SJP) is an alternative to traditional explosive perforating methods that use high pressure abrasive fluids to perforate the casing and extend a cavity into the reservoir. The tool can be used independently or in conjunction with other tools to provide multiple perforations in a single trip.

Standard Tool Body: 1.900" OD
Can be configured for most all tubing and casing sizes, including 2.375" tubing - 5.5" casing.

Standard Tool Lengths: 18"
Custom OD and length sizes are available.

Standard Jet Orifice Sizes: 0.100" - 0.300"
Custom orifice sizes are availiable.
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